PROV Show is a small web application (this website) that lets you make visualisation of RDF graphs that implement the PROV-O provenance ontology.

To use this tool, enter your RDF data using the form below, select visualisation options and go! There are detailed instructions for use below the form in the 'How To' section.

Enter Data

1. Enter RDF data or upload an RDF file

Enter RDF data:


Upload RDF file:

Upload only .rdf, .ttl, .n3 or.json (JSON-LD) files.

2. Select a Filtering Strategy

Only two strategies are implemented for now but more will appear soon. See the strategies page to further understand what filtering takes place.

3. Select a result type

The default is to return a web page result with your image but you can also choose just an image (SVG or PNG) or you can just get the filtered RDf data.

4. just do it,

How To

Overall, you need to:

  1. Paste in, Upload or HTTP POST your RDF data
    • if POSTing, do so directly to the receiving endpoint:
  2. Select a graph filtering strategy
    • There are several to choose from and they are all documented on the Strategies Page.
  3. Choose your results format
    • You can choose from a web page including the graphics, an image or the raw, filtered RDF results
  4. Hit Visualise!